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The casting perfumery is the most ancient and most natural form of all perfume. From time immemorial, when  there were no spirits yet in their modern form and  status, women used  aromas and flower oils which were on sale on drops! And it is no wonder – the cost of natural rose attar  does not concede to gold even now! And afford this luxury could only few women .

"Perfume-bar" - a discount network of perfumery for middle class. "Perfume-bar" offers the clients fragrant compositions of the best world manufacturers. Experts of the company carry out the analysis of novelties of the perfumery market and select the best and original aromas for the clients, each three months. Thus, "the Perfume-bar" prices are democratic, we have great volumes of sales and the minimum publicity expenses. The severe quality standards of production, the broadest assortment, prestigious club system of dialogue with clients do "Perfume-bar" by the unique phenomenon in Ukraine. And consequently it is no wonder that more than 80 % of the people who have casually visited "Perfume-bar", become its constant clients! We invite also you in our cosy "Perfume-bar" – in the magic world of Its Majesty Aromatiki!

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